Digital Banking

Increase customer engagement and lifetime value


The Problem

Digital banks are catering to a new market of consumers focused on convenience, transparency, lower fees, and a feature-rich digital experience. To stay at the center of their customers’ financial lives, they need to create products that are disruptive to traditional banking experiences.


The Solution

Customizable physical, virtual, and tokenized cards linked to a primary account create a unique customer experience, giving digital banks the customization and differentiation they need.

How it works

See how Payright creates card programs for digital banking

Key Benefits for Digital Banking

Physical and Virtual Cards

Launch new product offerings using tailored, branded cards


Increase adoption and security by provisioning tokenized cards directly into digital wallets

Open APIs and Payright Powered

Innovate and rapidly create customized card products and experiences

Gateway JIT (Just-in-Time) Funding

Make your own funding decisions and authorize transactions in real time by applying your own criteria

Bill Pay, Direct Deposit, ACH Origination, ATM Withdrawals

Broaden digital banking services and address customer needs with a suite of money-in, money-out features

Data Insights

Derive deep customer insights to tailor new products and services