Payment Options & Partners

Trusted and reliable payment partner connecting to over 100 banks and payments across Asia since 2000

Credit Cards

The most widely accepted payment method in the Philippines

China Payments

Top mobile payment methods in China, tapping the world’s largest e-commerce market just got easier

Digital Wallets

A cashless, cardless way to accept online payments anytime and anywhere from anyone

Bank Accounts

The preferred alternative to credit cards and cash

Over-the-Counter Payments

PayCash, your traditional payment methods, enables customers to shop online then pay with cash at various bank outlets or retail locations near them

Payment Solutions

All the payment solutions you need to facilitate your business growth, increase the conversion rates and sales


Multi-Bank, Multi-Payment

Support up to 100+ payment types / acquirers and close to 144 currencies

Multi-Level Report

Multiple user level and user access for reporting controls

Multi-Currency (DCC/MCP)

Real time currency conversion on choice of cards and consumer preference


Real-time anti-fraud filters and alerts with customizable rules


Customized Payment Page

Customized and hosted payment page at gateway

Member Payment

Express payment check out with member authentication and credit cardtokenization

Card Tokenization/VTS

Card tokenized and stored at gateway to avoid risk



Payright AppPay

Turns your smart devices to an integrated POS to accept digital payments


Real-time direct payment to merchant account

Payment Link/QR Code

Payment request URL and QR code payment

Recurring Payment

Multiple schedule recurring payment billing


Batch Payment

Batch payment submission for processing

Voucher Payment

Multi-channel voucher generation, fulfillment and reconciliation

Event Payment

Payment logging for parameterized events

API/SDK Library

Support sophisticated integration via API / SDK library integration

Payment Analyzer

Real-time payment analysis MIS and charting tool. Payment type, channel and rejection analysis

Big Data

On-Us Processing

Installment Payment

Real-time instalment payment processing

Card Promotion Discount

Parameterized discount payment for promotion

Loyalty Point Redemption

On-Us bonus point redemption along payment

Shopping Cart

Integrated shopping cart management and payment

Hotel Reservation System

Integrated reservation management and payment

Event Enrollment System

Integrated enrollment management and payment