Virtual Cards

Create real-time and customized payments


Reimagine payment solutions

Issue cards and create customizable payments in a matter of seconds


Minimize fraud

Enable transaction-specific controls that prevent attempts to misuse the card


Eliminate costs

Gain operational efficiencies with a more cost-effective payment solution

What are virtual cards?

Just like their physical counterparts, virtual cards have a 16-digit number that is automatically generated and assigned to a customer’s account. They are, in many cases, the preferred form of payment because they can be issued and used immediately. Payright provides virtual cards with Just-in-Time Funding that happens in real time to optimize cash flow. Payright also makes it easier to control and track funds tied to the virtual card number

Instant issuance of virtual cards

Create agility and support use cases with an on-demand business model. Two examples are offering an installment loan to a borrower at the point of sale or onboarding a gig worker. Virtual cards can be used wherever Visa is accepted

Issue multiple virtual cards at once

Support use cases where a single order is tied to multiple payments. For example, to drop ship across multiple fulfillment partners, e-commerce merchants can automatically create multiple virtual cards to fulfill each order

Flexible single or multi-use cards

A single-use card is used once for a particular transaction and then revoked to reduce fraud. This is particularly useful for disbursements such as the payout of claims and warranties, as well as on-demand delivery use cases. Multi-use cards allow for moving an active card from one user to another, or using the same card for multiple payments. For example, you can associate each of your suppliers with a separate virtual card on file

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